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Where You Can Find Us

Mandela Foods Cooperative

1430 7th St., West Oakland, CA

The Food Mill

3033 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland, CA

Sacred Wheel
Cheese & Specialty Market

4935 Shattuck Avenue, Oakland, CA

East Bay Church Vendors Village (Sundays 10am-2pm)

4130 Telegraph Ave., North Oakland, CA

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"My Biggest Inspiration...

is my son Dinari, born January 14th, 2005. That's when I decided to take Besto Pesto to my community. I was driven to create something sustainable enough to take care of our family and our community. I want Dinari to inherit a legacy of service, committment, good food, and good people. Raising Dinari on our sauce has provided him with a diet of consistent raw leafy greens which are essential to a child's development. It's allowed his consciousness around snacking to be raw food driven.

This is the goal of Besto Pesto. To get our community to make healthy decisions when it comes to snacking, especially for our children."

-Peace, Love, and Pesto,
Chef Toussaint Haki Stewart

Besto Pesto, Oakland's first and only vegan pesto company, is the brainchild of Toussaint Haki Stewart, a vegan chef and educator born and raised in 'the town' called Oakland.

Since 2007, Bay Area residents have enjoyed the fresh and bold flavors that Besto Pesto has to offer. Its versatility moves it far past a traditional pasta sauce. It gives parents options they never had before in the kitchen and a strategy on how to get their children to eat vegetables they don't normally like to eat.

Kids Love Besto Pesto!

Dinari has been eating Besto Pesto since he was two. When he needs to eat a snack, a tablespoon of Besto Pesto, a bowl of broccoli, some apples, or injera bread get's him doing the 'yummy dance.'