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Where You Can Find Us

Mandela Foods Cooperative

1430 7th St., West Oakland, CA

The Food Mill

3033 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland, CA

Sacred Wheel
Cheese & Specialty Market

4935 Shattuck Avenue, Oakland, CA

East Bay Church Vendors Village (Sundays 10am-2pm)

4130 Telegraph Ave., North Oakland, CA

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Our Flavors

Besto Pesto offers three distinct flavors in 8oz containers:

  • Basil-Walnut
  • Almond-Cilantro
  • Sundried Tomato - Our Newest Flavor!

Each sauce has a wide range of uses from traditional to non-traditional. From an awesome pasta or pizza sauce, to a gourmet cracker or soft bread dip, to a vegetable or fruit dip.

Besto Pesto sauces can also be used as a savory tasty garnish over any meat like salmon, steak, chicken strips, stirred into scrambled eggs or tofu scramble, as well as a sandwich spread to replace that tired mustard or mayonnaise.

Check out our Recipes Page for more ideas.

Buy Besto Pesto Online

Can't make it to one of our locations? Buy online and we'll ship it to your door. We offer our pesto in 8oz containers for $6 each. Shipping rates apply.

Choose any flavor, or try them all!


$6.00 Each


$6.00 Each

Sundried Tomato

$6.00 Each

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